"The forest cries out to me,
time to come home.
take inspiration,
and write about my beauty it says.
Come home my child.
The birds will sing for you,
leaves will rustle,
and the wolves howl.
Come home,
and I will heal you."


I love my mom and talking to her so much. We understand and get each other on so many levels and no matter how far I am from her, I can always call and she will be there with open ears and and an open heart filled with love to offer me words of guidance and wisdom. She is quite literally my best friend and I feel so lucky to have her as my mother <3 moms are the best!!! So grateful 

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herbal tea for tension headaches


Ginger decreases the production of pain-causing chemicals in the body; chamomile and linden are mild relaxants that help ease emotional and physical tension.

1c (250ml) water
1tsp freshly chopped ginger root
1tsp dried chamomile
1tsp dried linden

Simmer the ginger in the water in a covered pot for five minutes. Remove from heat. Add the chamomile and linden and steep for 10 minutes. Strain, sweeten tea if desired, and drink it hot. (x)

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Anonymous: That's fine. I'm just curious as to why. I just don't know the difference between people eating meat and animals eating meat.


Animals don’t ruin forests to make factories, to then raise millions of animals just to kill them and eat them.

Animals are meant to eat meat, humans are not. Everything is different between us, from our intestines to our teeth (we actually do not have carnivorous teeth to contrary belief!) to our hands and speed. I will make a post about this later to expand on it.

You see, an animal goes out into the wild and eats the other animal without hesistation. If you put a baby pig in front of an audience, our mouths do not start to salivate. We would rather play with it than kill it.

What would you do if one person from the audience stood up, grabbed the pig, and started gnawing on its stomach? With blood all over him, gushing everywhere? Ripping the flesh off the bones? Hearing the baby pig’s screams, to finally choke on its own blood in horrific gurgles?

Every person would try to stop them or start to puke. You smell the stench of blood and a corpse. You would feel horrible for the pig, because killing is just not moral to humanity.

So why is it moral to then go home and eat a steak? Because you didn’t kill it?

Even to eat meat, a human has to have bought it from the shelf. A human doesn’t enjoy eating an animal in its natural state, with skin, flesh, hair, and blood and all. It has to be one paricular piece, without veins, bones, and blood running from it.

And even then, it isn’t ‘healthy,’ to eat it without cooking it and putting all types of spices on it. We weren’t designed to eat meat.

Again, I will elaborate on how humans physically and psychologically aren’t designed to eat meat when I get home. I will make a huge post on this later, as I am in class now. I hope this helps you understand for now!